My paintings are improvisations based on points where nature overcomes and reclaims human constructs. My observation and experience of nature lead me to compose energetically abstracted visions overflowing with color and hidden life.

Nature’s striking beauty is laced with aching replies to devastation and leanings into chaotic rage. This prevailing paradox is at once mysterious and comforting; fascinating and awe striking; terrifying and instructive.

Through painting, a momentary glimpse into the wild places around us becomes a glimmering composition honoring unsettling beauty, unspoken power and evidence of transformation. Layered hues and shifting images hint at the thin veil of paper and paint while provoking a view into deeper contemplation.

The improvisational process is mysterious and unpredictable. These works are not intended to be representations or records, yet they shimmer as memorials to the experiential.

A Southern California native, Rebecca Hamm received her B.A. from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and her M.F.A. from the Claremont Graduate University. She shows her artwork throughout the region including solo and selected exhibitions at Los Angeles City College, the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, the Claremont Museum of Art, the Ontario Museum of Art and History, the Huntington Beach Art Center, and the University of Houston, Texas.

Rebecca has taught a wide variety of fine art and design courses at three local universities. Her writings on Creativity and Inclusive Arts have been published internationally and she has been invited to speak for many groups and organizations both locally and nationally. She was a featured presenter for a TedX program and was honored by Senator Carol Liu as “Woman of the Year” for 2015 in the twenty-fifth senatorial district of California.

In 1990, Rebecca was introduced to artists who identify as experiencing developmental disabilities at the First Street Gallery and studios of the Tierra del Sol Foundation. She joined in as a guest artist and was quickly hired as a Mentor. Now, as Director of Arts for the Tierra del Sol Foundation, she leads Tierra’s progressive studio programs with ambitious exhibition and event schedules, featuring the important work of the artists who are involved with the inclusive studios. In providing innovative and effective opportunities, this team of art professionals works alongside the more than 100 artists who are currently advancing their own professional careers in the arts.